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NFL Football - Computer Picks

NYG NY Giants
DET Detroit
Aug 17 @ 7:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score15.7 - 27.643.3
Computer Pick DET (-3) Over 40
Public Consensus DET (-3) Under 40
Consensus Bet % 58% 55%
KC Kansas City
ATL Atlanta
Aug 17 @ 7:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score20.2 - 2343.2
Computer Pick ATL (+1) Over 40.5
Public Consensus KC (-1) Under 40.5
Consensus Bet % 52% 51%
BUF Buffalo
CLE Cleveland
Aug 17 @ 7:30 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score17.7 - 24.342
Computer Pick CLE (-3) Over 41.5
Public Consensus CLE (-3) Over 41.5
Consensus Bet % 52% 56%
MIA Miami
CAR Carolina
Aug 17 @ 7:30 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score17.6 - 28.946.5
Computer Pick CAR (-3) Over 43
Public Consensus CAR (-3) Under 43
Consensus Bet % 51% 51%
ARI Arizona
NO New Orleans
Aug 17 @ 8:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score13.6 - 27.741.3
Computer Pick NO (-3.5) Under 41.5
Public Consensus NO (-3.5) Over 41.5
Consensus Bet % 58% 59%
JAC Jacksonville
MIN Minnesota
Aug 18 @ 1:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score13.6 - 3043.6
Computer Pick MIN (-4.5) Over 40
Public Consensus JAC (+4.5) Over 40
Consensus Bet % 52% 57%
OAK Oakland
Aug 18 @ 4:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score18 - 22.240.2
Computer Pick LAR (+1) Over 38.5
Public Consensus Split Decision Under 38.5
Consensus Bet % 50% 60%
CIN Cincinnati
DAL Dallas
Aug 18 @ 7:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score11.3 - 31.442.7
Computer Pick DAL (-3) Over 41.5
Public Consensus DAL (-3) Over 41.5
Consensus Bet % 56% 54%
TB Tampa Bay
TEN Tennessee
Aug 18 @ 8:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score21.6 - 26.748.3
Computer Pick TEN (-3) Over 41
Public Consensus TEN (-3) Over 41
Consensus Bet % 52% 53%
SF San Francisco
HOU Houston
Aug 18 @ 8:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score27.4 - 17.945.3
Computer Pick SF (+2.5) Over 41
Public Consensus Split Decision Over 41
Consensus Bet % 50% 52%
CHI Chicago
DEN Denver
Aug 18 @ 9:05 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score17.2 - 21.638.8
Computer Pick DEN (-3) Under 41.5
Public Consensus CHI (+3) Over 40
Consensus Bet % 51% 54%
SEA Seattle
LAC LA Chargers
Aug 18 @ 10:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score9.8 - 29.539.3
Computer Pick LAC (-3) Under 39.5
Public Consensus SEA (+3) Under 39.5
Consensus Bet % 53% 52%
BAL Baltimore
IND Indianapolis
Aug 20 @ 8:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score22.4 - 17.539.9
Computer Pick BAL (+1) Under 42.5
Public Consensus IND (+1) Over 41.5
Consensus Bet % 56% 52%
NFL Computer Picks Results - Last 100 Games
Last 100To WinATSTotal O/U
$ Units (Opening)-$1168-$1047-$133
$ Units (Closing)-$1276-$1631$56
Record (Opening)60 - 4043 - 50 - 749 - 46 - 5
Record (Closing)61 - 3943 - 55 - 251 - 46 - 3

What Does This Table Mean?

The above table displays computer picks based off the last 100 games played in the NFL. Confusing? Worry not – listed below are a few key terms to help guide you through our NFL computer picks table as efficiently as possible.

$ Of Units Opening/Closing

A computer-generated opening and closing line that calculates the last 100 NFL picks made based on a bettor placing $100 on each game. “To Win” indicates any straight-up or moneyline bet that the player wins. “ATS” is a representation of the record based on wagers against the spread. “Total O/U” shows the record for both OVER or UNDER picks.

Record Opening/Closing

The first column in the above table is labeled “To Win,” second “ATS” and third “Total O/U.” “To Win” represents the record based on straight moneyline bets. “ATS” indicates the record based on wagers placed against the spread. “Total O/U” represents the amount won OVER or UNDER wagers.

Looking For Expert Picks On NFL Tonight?

Our computer generates expert consensus picks that can help you cover the spread for every game. Review our computer’s predictions and take advantage of free picks before you place any money on the NFL wagerline.

NFL Computer Picks

Humans are biased and their opinions color their decisions. Machines don’t care if you have a man-crush on Tom Brady. If the stats say the New England Patriots will lose, then the computer will tell you – the Patriots will lose. This is why advanced stats have grown in popularity for fantasy leagues, pro sports teams, agents and even the general stats geek. And it’s why NFL computer predictions are coming to be relied upon more than the screaming, angle-quoting handicapper.

Picking NFL winners against the spread is one of the toughest tasks in sports betting. Professional handicappers can try to sell you their information and you can try to figure it out yourself, searching through stats, trends and weather reports and studying line moves. Increasingly, bettors are relying on computers to do the work, to come up with unbiased, stats-focused predictions on NFL games. Of course, the output is only as good as the input. If the stats are accurate and significant handicapping measurements and if the formulas or algorithms are solid, then the resulting NFL computer selections can be reliable.

Depending on how complex (does it include player data, weather variations, depth chart consideration?) the formula is, you could have success with picking more NFL winners at the sportsbook. Of course, naysayers will always argue that a coin toss or some zoo animal will be able to do just as well, but those are true flukes. Computer picks have a basis in fact and stats. It’s just a question of finding the right mix of data and math, weighing the handicapping factors that you believe are relevant and important. If you find that perfect mix, you should be able to find edges and advantages that you can exploit at the sportsbook window each Sunday (or Monday).

So bookmark the OddsShark NFL computer picks page. We will update it weekly and we’ll write articles describing how well or poorly it performed in the preceding week. Good luck.